Participating Life Insurance

A brief video explaining the benefits of participating life insurance.

ClientGreat-West Life Insurance
RoleCharacter Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Storyboard

Participating Life Insurance posed a unique challenge. Participating Life Insurance is often viewed as a product for the more wealthy individuals but we wanted to showcase the benefits available to everyday Canadians. By leaning on the family element, we were able to make the product more approachable and friendly.

The product also had its fair share of legal hurdles, which made us be careful in our choice of language. We did our best to appeal to both the business side of the product, as well as our target audience.

Everything begins with a storyboard.

The storyboard for this particular project had to be more involved, due to the nature of the product. We needed to be clear in what we were saying before we were able to receive approval from business and a clear storyboard was the perfect tool to ensure that happens.